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A pledge to seek $30B federal support earmarked specifically for municipal governments across the nation, in order to maintain critical services for communities and help the economy recover from COVID-19 impact.

Open Letter

Open Letter

Endorse your support to municipalities across the U.S. by signing below.

To: U.S. Senate and House of Representatives Leadership, Senate Committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation and House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee Members

A coalition of American parking & mobility leaders commends your commitment to protecting Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic and your leadership in passing the CARES Act to mitigate the direct impact to businesses. However, significant additional funding is needed for municipalities and cities facing ongoing and protracted challenges and disruption.

The restaurant, airline, and events industries have suffered a direct and immediate impact from pandemic-related shutdowns; it’s important to recognize that the parking and transportation industry underlies each of these industries. Parking is one of the most important urban mobility infrastructures, facilitating the daily needs of more than 100 million commuters, residents, and businesses across the country – every single day.


Parking is the foundation of municipal economic activity and a critical resource for businesses, their employees, first responders, tourists, and many others. The parking industry contributes to the U.S. economy by directly employing 580,000+ individuals and generating over $130 billion in annual revenue.* 

As the largest collective operators of parking facilities in the country, municipalities rely heavily on parking and transportation revenue to fund local budgets and city programs. 

The importance of parking-related revenue can be even more significant for smaller municipalities.  Per Henry Servin, Parking Manager at the City of Santa Monica, CA, “Parking contributes 30%+ revenue to Santa Monica’s General Fund every year.”

The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on municipalities cannot be understated. With a 50-70%+ drop in commuter activity and a 95%+ decrease in visitor revenue observed from real-time data in cities across the U.S., municipalities will likely incur a $30B loss of revenue in the next 12 months, resulting in significant employee layoffs.


Parking authorities and offices of our respective cities are avidly working to curb operational expenses in an effort to mitigate impact, but this alone cannot resolve the crisis they face.


We respectfully seek $30B in the upcoming stimulus bill be earmarked specifically for municipal governments. This funding will support services to businesses and residential communities throughout the country.

Municipalities provide essential services to 200 million residents and are in critical need of federal government relief.  With your assistance, we can ensure that critical services are maintained, while helping to materially contribute to the economic recovery of our cities. 


Shawn Conrad

Chief Executive Officer

International Parking & Mobility Institute (IPMI)

Mitch Osur

Director of Parking and Downtown Services

City of Aspen, CO

Cris Jones 

Deputy Director, Community Vitality

City of Boulder, CO

Thomas Woznick 

Parking Services Manager

City of Milwaukee, WI

Mark Lyons 

Parking Division Manager

City of Sarasota, FL

Brittany Moor

General Manager of Parking Services

City of Greenville, SC

Suzanne Rinfret

Director of Parking

City of Somerville, MA

Stacie Gary

Business Manager

City of Louisville, KY

Susan Bykowsk

Parking Clerk

Town of Plymouth, MA


Cory Hubert

Parking Services Manager

City of Oklahoma, OK 

Robert Ferrin

Assistant Director

Columbus, OH

David G. Onorato, CAPP

Executive Director, Pittsburgh Parking Authority, Pittsburgh, PA

Justin Clay

Parking Manager, Fayetteville, AR

Randy Paulson

Director of Marketing, Laguna Niguel, CA

Henry Servin 

Traffic and Parking Manager

City of Santa Monica, CA

Maria Irshad 

Chief Parking Official

City of Houston, TX

Jason. Redfern 

Parking Enterprise Manager

City of Austin, TX

Ken Putnam

Transportation Department Director

City of Asheville, NC 

Faye Morrison

Parking Manager

Newton, MA 

Wayne Mixdorf

Parking Manager

City of Lincoln, NE

Brooke Nelson

Operations Manager

Town of West Hartford, CT

Larry J Cohen, CAPP

Executive Director
City of Lancaster, PA

Adam Jones

Vice President

Tempe, AZ

Kathryn Hebert

Director Transportation Mobility and Parking

City of Norwalk, CT

Rhonda Knox

TES 1, Baltimore, Md

Gary A. Means

Executive Director, Lexington, KY

Ken Smith

Parking & Mobility Manager, Omaha, NE

Hal King

Parking Administrator,

Hollywood, FL

Rick Gallegos

Civil/ Transportation Engineer   City of Ventura, CA

Chad A. Gamble, P.E.

Parking Manager, Lansing, MI

Jon Hamble

Parking Manager

Pasadena, CA

Wen Sang 

Chief Executive Officer


Douglas Housladen 

Director of Transportation, Traffic & Parking

City of New Haven, CT

Tiffany J. Gunter
Assistant City Manager
City of Birmingham, MI

Angel Diaz 

Director of Operations

Miami Parking Authority, FL

John Peverada

Parking Division Director

City of Portland, ME

Carey E. Redd

Director/CEO Transportation, Transit and Parking

New London, CT

Anthony Mazeika

Parking Operations Specialist
City of Santa Monica, CA

David Friend

Executive Director, Park Plymouth
City of Plymouth, MA 

Frank W. Petise

 Traffic Engineer

Stamford, CT

Dana McKenzi

Executive Director

Morgantown, WV


Scott C. Bauman

Manager of Parking & Mobility Services
City of Aurora, CO

Robert Dayton

Transportation Planning & Parking Manager, Santa Barbara, CA

Aurora Perkins

Parking Administrator, San Antonio, TX

David Malewitz

Parking Manager, City of Lynchburg, VA

John Larson

Commissioner of Parking, White Plains, NY

Donovan Durband

Park Tucson Administrator
Tucson, AZ

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